"Studi di Tre Colore" (20" x 20"), Oils on Canvas

“Studi di Tre Colore” (20″ x 20″), Oils on Canvas

Dawn's Early Light (36"x36"), Acrylic on Canvas

Dawn’s Early Light (36″x36″), Acrylic on Canvas

"Champagne" (22" x 15"), Watercolor and Japanese Mineral Pigment

“Champagne” (22″ x 15″), Watercolor and Japanese Mineral Pigment

"View From the Zeppelin" (20"x20"x2") Acrylic on cradled panel

“View From the Zeppelin” (20″x20″x2″) Acrylic on cradled panel

In Private Collection

In Private Collection

"Wind & Fire" (18"x24"), Oil on cradled panel

“Wind & Fire” (18″x24″), Oil on cradled panel

"Depth of Feeling" (18" x 24"), Oils on Board

“Depth of Feeling” (18″ x 24″), Oils on Board

"After the Parade" (20"x20"x2"), Acrylic on cradled panel

“After the Parade” (20″x20″x2″), Acrylic on cradled panel

"Summer Breeze" (24"x24"), Acrylic on canvas

“Summer Breeze” (24″x24″), Acrylic on canvas

The paintings invite the viewer to look, and then explore more deeply to discover the quiet and sometimes not-so-quiet subtleties contained within. Weintrub uses simple shapes, but makes changes in hue, size and relational placement to evoke an emotional response, which often belies the seemingly uncomplicated imagery. Click any of the thumbnails to view the full painting and navigate through the collection.